Permanent Record 
Professional Audio & Video Restoration Services
The Permanent Record Story
Permanent Record's mission is  to preserve,  enhance, then transfer your valued vintage recordings and video tapes to  CD and DVD, to be enjoyed once again. In addition to the latest cutting-edge hardware and software, Permanent Record also employs an array of vintage tape, disc and video equipment to ensure   compatibility with your acoustic & electric 78's, 45's, LP's, reel-to-reel, cassette, 8-track tapes, microcassettes, and video cassettes. 
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"Make Something Old New Again"
How It's Done
- Vinyl discs are gently and thoroughly cleaned, then vacuumed to remove
   loose dust and dirt.
- Wax and Shellac discs(78's) are  cleaned using a non-caustic
   solution, then allowed to air dry.

   Your media is then transferred to a computer as a WAV file for noise
   removal and sound restoration. Once that process is completed, the 
   new file is then transferred to a CD disc with a custom label. If your 
   media contains multiple selections, each track can be separated  to
   be enjoyed individually. Your order is then carefully packaged and  
   shipped to you.